Online Shop Management built for SME

LazaStore is online stock/inventory software that manages your business finances, automates business workflows, and helps you sell and manage work collectively across one or more warehouses.

Why THIS is the preferred accounting and Management software

Simple but Effective Accounting Package

Software that lets you record all your payments, expenses, assets and liabilities with All accounting reports for your analysis and growth

Sell to both Online and Offline Users

With your branded website (website that takes your business name), you can sell products in your store for anyone who physically visited your store, BUT on the same platform, you can sell your products online, and any one via the internet can purchase your products

Integrated business platform

If you have a chain of store located in different locations, then you don't need multiple software. Only this software can run in all your stores and you as owner/accountant you can see reports of all stores at once

Core Features

START to sell BOTH to online and offline customers with lazastore, a software that almost all good business people can't ignore

How it works Features

  • Access it anyone via internet in your laptop or mobile phone
  • Register All employees and give them access to view only specific items
  • Manage multiple shops (stores) that operates even in different locations
  • Sell to registered and unregistered customers

Product Features

  • Track all product purchases, sales and transfers
  • Comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) window customized for each sales person
  • Supporting multiple printer options
  • Advanced Reports including TAX Reports,profit and loss, staff reports etc.

Our Service Features

  • Provide ongoing training to your staff and sales team on how to use software effectively
  • Provide ongoing technical support and maintenance, including all system upgrades and customizations
  • Ensure your system is up and running 24h daily

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