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Why Choose LazaCode?

There are many software companies in the world, but choosing the right one based on your organization's size, budget, and preference, is not easy. LazaCode strictly focused on a few key exceptional competencies that drives success

Research and Development

Making informed decision, building effective products and analyse trends of business, R&D is a key component in LazaCode team, as we focus on R&D to deliver more value to our customers

Price Sensitivity

Not all companies are the same, thus, our pricing are not the same. In that saying, we usually measure the workload based on your organization size and quote you with price you can afford.

World Class Project Practices

We are strictly following Project Management Practices for Professionals, focusing on 12 key factors which includes Time, Budget, Risks, etc. This makes our solutions and products more effective and accomplished on time

About Us

LazaCode was founded under inspiration to help individuals, private and public institutions embracing effectiveness and achieve efficiency in their day to day operations. At Lazacode we focus on building software solutions that indeed changes how we do our daily tasks into more simple and easier

LazaCode Vision

Making effectiveness possible

LazaCode Mission

Adding value beyond expectations

LazaCode 2021 Targets

Remove THREE biggest world challenge via Software Innovation


Employees World-Wide

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Core Products


Core Services


Strategic Partners

Core Services

No matter how beautiful your building or your product might be, if your service is poor, then all are poor. In this saying, LazaCode focus on providing Few but exceptional services to SME and Coorporates, and mostly partner with startups to drive innovations.

Hosting Services

You can host almost all web applications of your choice with us via our dedicated hosting environment.

Web Servers Configurations

From high availability, dedicated servers, cloud servers, virtualization etc, LazaCode will cover your com

Custom Software Development

Starting with the design, development, testing up to deployment of application, our experienced dedidated team will build a solution for you

Database Maintanance & Configurations

With our focus on Postgres Database, and we assist from Design, Configurations, Optimizations and Scalling databases

Custom Mobile Apps Development

LazaCode helps organizations of every size to design custom Mobile Apps for their targeted Customers

Application Maintance Outsourcing

If your organization key competence is not in software design and development, then you can outsource all of Software maintenance tasks to LazaCode Company

Our Products

Effective software products is key to a success of any organization. To remain competitive, lower your costs of operations and mostly increase your efficiency, you need an effective software product and in that saying, LazaCode brings to you few but most effective software products

Project Management Software

The most effective Project Management Tool Where People, Projects & Productivity come together

Multi purpose project management Software that can be used in most areas as follows

  • Marketing Teams : A collaborative tool for your teams & clients to track different marketing campaigns.
  • Engineering Teams : Organize tasks,Allocate tasks to team members, track time usage & manage resources easily to maximize productivity.
  • Procurement : Easily manage quotes, purchases, approvals, payments & maintain a transparent process for all your procurements.

Enterprise Event Management Software

If your institution organize any event that involve members registration, this is the best solution for you

The Event Management Software (Evema) is an online portal that allows

  • Member self Registration
  • Member Payments
  • Members Managements
  • Attendee Nametags creation
  • SMS and Email reminders
  • Invoice Management
  • and much more.

With this software preparation of any event will be easily and as effective as possible.

Talents Learning Management Software

Perfect software for training new staff, sharing of materials and pass organization knowledge to new hires.

Talenta Software comes with multiple features that enables organization to manage its contents and train new staff easily, shorten the time for new hires to gain the speed, and mostly reduce organization time for training and re-traing staff which in turn improve productivity. Some of the features includes

  • Course Builder: Extremely easy course building interface with option to divide Video lessons into sections, quezes and notes
  • Quiz Test: Quiz creator with unlimited questions and multiple possible answers to test learners
  • Live Streaming Class: Instructors can teach multiple staff on different areas Live Online using zoom live streaming service. Staff will get the live class schedule in course page.
  • Training Certificates : Once staff attend and finish a certain course, system will issue a training certificate to staff that verify his/her training
  • Multiple Lesson types: Lessons can be created in terms of Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5 etc), PDF, DOC, IMAGES etc
  • Instructor & Staff Interactions : Students can easily comment, and interact with course to add more knowledge. Staff can also rate a course, and provide review of a course
  • And much more

Make your employees very effective with proper trainings using our Talenta Software

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