What SEO really means

When you hear the term SEO it often conjures up images of little white guys sitting in a cubicle figuring out code and stuff that you and I know absolutely nothing about. These little white guys make all the magic happen so that with really good Search Engine Optimization my website will rank to the front page of Google. How do we make it last?

When one of my sites recently had Google take a dump on it the website when from number 3 to number 279 in the Google search results overnight. I couldn’t believe what was happening that was like $300 a month that I’ll now be losing and honestly I can’t remember what I did. I think what I did was change the text links on the back links to my site and then by doing that Google must of thought I was playing with it and it took me down.

So far there has been no way to recover from this problem and I’m still at a loss of how to fix it. I spent a lot of time and effort into creating a site that for such a silly mistake the site is now ruined. But is it ruined forever?

I consulted with some SEO experts and they appear to be in agreement that once your website has a black strike against it the odds are that you’re never going to be able to recover from such a problem.

This is at the point I went back to the search engine optimization team and asked them if there was anything that I could do in order to recover anything from it. Most guys said just scrap it and try again but then one guy said why don’t you just add more backlinks to the site. Google is probably penalizing those links to your site and not actually your site.

So I went with his advice and would you believe it, it actually worked!

Top 10 Things to do in Bangkok

The vibrant city of Bangkok is a great place to spend a little time and truly has something for everyone, from world famous temples and monuments to picturesque parks, fantastic shopping opportunities and some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants in the whole of Thailand. Here is a selection of some of the best things to see, do and experience while exploring the city. Bangkok also has an amazing number of restaurants that you will enjoy also.

The Grand Palace
This impressive palace was built in 1782 and is situated close to the Chao Phraya River. In addition to the Grand Palace itself, this large temple complex is also home to a number of other magnificent buildings such as the Royal Thai Decorations & Coins Pavilion and Wat Phra Kaew, which contains the tiny emerald Buddha statue.

Wat Pho
This is both the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok and dates back to 1781. Wat Pho is home to an impressive 46-metre long golden reclining Buddha, which represents Buddha passing into nirvana. Wat Pho also a centre of traditional Thai medicine and massage and the masseuses that work here are said to be among the best in Thailand.

Wat Arun
Also known as the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun is situated on the opposite bank of the Chao Phraya River to the Grand Palace and can be reached by shuttle boat. The highlight of this temple compound is the central pagoda, which is shaped like a bell and stands 79 metres high. The pagoda is covered in pieces of pottery which washed up on the banks of the Chao Phraya River more than a century before, while people who climb the stone steps leading up the side of the pagoda will be able to take in stunning views across Bangkok.

Chatuchak Market
This vibrant market is open on Saturdays and Sundays during the daytime and can be found close to Mo Chit Skytrain station. The market contains hundreds of stalls and just about everything imaginable can be found here, from souvenirs and clothing to pets and antiques.

Jim Thompson’s House
This large traditional teak Thai house was once home to an American silk entrepreneur and has been transformed into a museum. Guided tours are available and offer visitors the chance to view an impressive collection of Antiques from all over Southeast Asia.

This vibrant section of the city is a fun place to explore both during the day and in the evening. Much of Chinatown is covered by a huge market selling wholesale goods at bargain prices, while the food stalls here serve some of the best noodle and seafood dishes in Bangkok.

Dusit Zoo
Take a break from temple hopping and shopping and view a collection of creature from all over the world. In addition to animals such as lions, sun bears, elephants and giraffes, Dusit Zoo also features a large lake that visitors can explore by peddle boat and a children’s play area.

Muay Thai Shows
Watching traditional Thai boxing in a large venue such as Lumpini Stadium is an exciting experience that also offers an insight into the Thai culture.

Khaosan Road
While this was once the most bohemian area of Bangkok and frequented mainly by backpackers, Khaosan Road has been given a facelift in recent years and now boasts several top of the range hotels as well as trendy bars and restaurants. This long street is very vibrant and perhaps the best way to soak up the atmosphere is by grabbing a seat at one of the small bars that line the street and sipping one of the ‘very strong’ cocktails that they offer.

Soi Cowboy
Walk on the wild side by exploring one of Bangkok’s most famous red light zones. Soi Cowboy features a large number of go-go bars where visitors are sure to receive a warm welcome.

Marijuana Smoking Pipes

If you think the world of pot smoking revolves around a joint then think again. The art of smoking marijuana is a constantly evolving affair as well as becoming big business in the USA where there are now states that have legalized recreational marijuana. While I continue to enjoy the odd joint the marijuana community it seems is getting more and more technical achieving the smoothest possible smoke with the best high.

Smoking pot through pipes is the easiest way to get high without having to rely too much on technology. Ground up the weed stick it in the pipe and toke away it’s really that simple. What I like most about handheld pipes is the ease of use and the portability of it so that I can get high anywhere anytime. The only drawback to using a pipe especially carrying it around is that it can smell and you have to continually clean it but besides that it still remains the easiest way to smoke.

Pipes have evolved from the old grandpa Sherlock style to today’s sophisticated water and ice bongs that are prolific. There are even vaporizers and dabbing extensions for the traditional ceramic and metal bongs. All this culminates into a massive multi-million dollar industry that is set to explode.

All around America there are millions of people getting high to marijuana and giving up alcohol as the truth about this weed comes out. No longer do people feel ill will to a plant that has been cultivated by human kind for thousands and thousands of years. Marijuana and smoking it is now enjoyed by doctors, politicians and the general public the world over.

There are a range of weed pipes for marijuana larger than that of the Tobacco cousin. The world got pushed into smoking cigarettes at the expense of pot smokers. If the US government didn’t start it’s war on drugs then most people would be smoking weed and not cigarettes this is an undeniable fact.

So what of the future you ask? Well at LazaCode we believe in the the cannabis plant so much that we have indoctrinated it into our core. All LazaCode members should smoke weed like it is a religion. Your overall well being depends on being high. Everyone should own a weed pipe and if you don’t should go and buy one now.

Marijuana is not evil like it was portrayed in the 60′s it’s actually a medicine a herb for the ages and one that a third of the words population has tried.

The Beginners Guide to the Laza Code

You’re not going to like what I have to say nor are you going to enjoy the way I tell it, however you are going to enjoy the irony and some of the crazy things I am thousands of other guys have done to change their life and live by the Laza Code. This is your chance to really understand how it is we are able to bank tonnes and tonnes of money by doing the most mundane tidiest work there is. Remember the smarter you are the more emphasis you put into being smarter instead of working smarter.

The code is very complex but for beginners with have an easy code for you guys to work by:

  • Don’t get married
  • Don’t have a girlfriend
  • Earn an income online only
  • Date only Thai girls
  • Ride a Motorbike

This is the beginners stage and probably the most important stage there is because if you don’t have the foundations right you won’t ever move onto the harder codes. Number three the earning an income online is probably what people stress out about the most because the other ones are actually quite easy to do.

What you should do is go out and buy yourself a motorbike and I’m not talking about a little scooter either at least 500cc’s you need something with a big engine so that you are actually making a statement. Depends on what kind of bike you ride depends on how others perceive you. Perception is everything in the code because people only see what you want them to see. Deception is also very key as well because it’s also important to make sure that others don’t really know you are using the code.

Why do you need a code?

I get this question all the time about what’s the point of living by the code when I can just be myself. Well honestly buddy, you suck! Only people living by the code are cool and awesome and if you’re not doing it then like I said you basically are a nobody. Nobodies are the kind of guys that sit around their apartment doing diddly squat for 20 years before getting stuck in a traffic jam going psycho on everyone and 20 people end up dead is that how you want to go out?

How to start out

The best thing to do for yourself is to get a life and move to Thailand. One of the code requires you to only date Thai girls so that’s going to be pretty hard if you live anywhere else. Besides in Thailand the rules are quite different and there are more single ladies than there are men so you’re going to have better options.